Red Sky In The Morning, Evil Take Warning


Saw this on my way to work this morning. When the Egyptians witnessed such a scarlet sunrise, they said the sky was filled with the Chaos Serpent’s blood from its pre-dawn battle with Set. So whenever the sky looks like this in the morning, I take it as an omen that good things are ahead.

Shameless Self-Promotion


How does one market such a bizarre Frankenstein monster of a website? I don’t know, but if you’re the kind of pilgrim who digs ancient Egypt, esoteric spirituality, AND classic monster movies, then I got you covered.

Howling Mad At The Patriarchy

I have a weakness for werewolf movies, and my personal favorite of this genre is Joe Dante’s The Howling (1981), starring Dee Wallace. This can be a rather difficult film to watch for reasons that are explained in this sermon, but I believe the film deserves more credit than it usually gets. For one thing, it is the first werewolf film to have done something that isn’t just a rehash of the plot from The Wolf Man (1941). For another, it has a great deal to say about the patriarchy and how women are objectified, silenced, and ignored by sociopathic men.

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PSA: Don’t Drink Liquid Silver, It’s Not Going to Stave Off the Coronavirus, and Even If You Drink It Anyway, Please Don’t Feed It to Your Kids


And people think I’M weird for digging an Egyptian god and reading inspirational themes into old monster movies. I forget; peddling bullshit miracle cures on the masses (with a tax-exempt multimillion-dollar media empire at your disposal) is what “normal” religions do. 🙄

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Cutesy Holiday Images For Set, Taweret, and Ishtar

The things I do when I’m sick. I just felt random and wanted to scribble some devotional holiday images all of a sudden. I have trouble drawing anything more complex than the likes of this, but, maybe these might make some nice cards or some nice shiny pins to wear at office parties. (“Dude, why’s there an aardvark on your orange?”)


More Information About These Divinities (For Unwary Travelers):