Detroit Free Press: Crystals, healing, acceptance: Inside the world of Michigan’s witches

The Detroit Free Press published a remarkably pro-Pagan article today, in which the author dispells some of the popular myths about Paganism and witchcraft. Apparently our community is seeing quite a bit of growth here in Michigan, for which I am glad. There is also some discussion with one Michigan witch in particular that illustrates some things that probably most of us have experienced at one time or another. I recommend this article for anyone who might be new to Paganism; I think it’s a serviceable introduction to the subject.

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Dazed: Looking back at a time where major labels were releasing witchcraft rituals

Have you ever noticed how many occult-themed records were released back in the 1960s and 1970s? And I don’t mean occult-themed music. I’m referring to actual ceremonies and ritual procedures that were not only released on vinyl, but which were released by some big-name record labels. The following article provides some nice descriptions of these obscure eccentricities. I haven’t been able to track down or listen to all of the recordings on this list yet, but I am proud to own Vincent Price’s Witchcraft Magic: An Adventure in Demonology (1969) and Anton LaVey’s The Satanic Mass. (LaVey actually invokes Set at the 2:30 minute point! Hi, Big Red!) Luckily, both albums are available for streaming on Amazon, and I’ve included a track from the Vincent Price record below for anyone who might like to try a listen.

(One of these days, I’m going to track down one or more recordings by “Babetta the Sexy Witch.” I can’t believe someone actually had the gall to call herself that back in the day, but then again, I am quite partial to sexy witches, so…)

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CNN: The largest Presbyterian denomination in the US has ordained a minister of gun violence prevention

Congratulations to the Reverend Deanna Hollas, whom the Presbyterian Church has appointed as the nation’s first ever gun violence prevention minister. This is part of an attempt by Presbyterians to make their churches more active in preventing gun violence. Here’s wishing Reverend Hollas all the best as she blazes this new trail. I would love to see more churches (of all faiths) participate in this kind of program. This is no longer a partisan issue between conservatives and liberals, but a national crisis that is harming all of our children (including the ones who survive).

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MLive: Nine months later, ‘fugitive’ immigrant still holed up in Ann Arbor church

“Advocates for tight immigration enforcement argue that it shouldn’t fall upon Americans to provide medical care for chronically ill immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally.”

Many of the people who share this sentiment are the same people who like to claim that America is a “Christian nation.” But would a truly Christian nation deport non-violent people who are ill and who will surely die if they are not allowed to stay in America? That doesn’t sound like anything Jesus Christ would support. It isn’t this man’s fault that he is ill, and it isn’t his fault that his home country can do nothing to save him.

Props to our good Quaker neighbors for providing this man with some much-needed safety and hope.

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