Sermons on General Paganism

The Truth About the “Whore of Babylon”
“Perhaps the greatest ‘death’ Ishtar causes is not that of the body but that of the ego, which can be a terrifying experience for megalomaniacs like Gilgamesh.”

The Great Female, or When God is a Hippopotamus
“But most importantly to me, Taweret is a ‘monstrous’ divinity who was born of chaos and who exhibits chaotic traits, but who uses Her chaotic powers to defend the cosmic order, not to un-create it.”


Sermons on Setianism

Praise the Red Lord
“The rest of the world may curse Your names, but I give You praise, for I know that nothing—not even the Creator—can exist without You, save for the accursed Serpent.”

Set is a Savior, Not a Devil
“If Big Red is ‘Satanic’ when it’s between Him and Osiris and/or Horus, then He’s really quite Christian when it’s between Him and Apep.”

Seven Steps For a Setian Ritual
“These steps are not intended to be lauded as ‘dogma’ by anyone, but are offered here as a starting point for newcomers who have no idea how to even begin.”

Set’s Sacred Critters
“What better totem animal to represent the mighty Red Lord than a floppy-eared underdog that refuses to be bossed around (and that’ll crush your skull with its hind legs if you even dare to try)?”

An Execration Ceremony
“Now it was time to conjure the dragon and kill it together as a tribe—as a constellation brought together by Set from across the Earth.”

An Astral Pilgrimage
“Should you wish to divine some kind of message, you might respectfully request that Set reveal some mystery to you. If He agrees, you just might hear whispers coming from the statue’s mouth….”

Happy Egyptian New Year!
“There are all kinds of ways to celebrate Egyptian New Year, but being outdoors and beneath the stars with a bunch of woodland critters is my personal favorite.”

Set and the Greek Typhon: Are They the Same?
“So are Set and Typhon one and the same entity? Pan-culturalists might say ‘Yes,’ and hard polytheists might say ‘No’—but who can ever know for sure?”

CNN: Trump Throws Open 2020 Election to Foreign Spies

Wow, I can’t wait to see how all the conservatives are going to spin this. It’s amazing that Bill Clinton got impeached in the 1990s just for having an extramarital affair and lying about it. But Trump effectively confesses on TV to being an outright traitor and enemy of the American people, and those fools in Congress still won’t do jack shit. What exactly is it going to take for us to see justice here? The worse this gets and the longer it takes for us to fix it, the more likely it is that something terribly violent is going to happen. People on both sides of the political divide have already been radicalized against each other enough as it is. If Congress doesn’t act soon, this pot is likely to boil over and explode.

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CNN: Lesbian Couple Viciously Beaten in Homophobic Attack on London Bus

Imagine you’re riding home on a bus with your life partner. You’re being affectionate with each other and having a good time. Then some hoodlums take notice, start harassing you, and deck you in the face repeatedly.

Now I ask you…When’s the last time this happened to a heterosexual couple? And I’m not talking about heterosexual couples who get mugged or murdered for other reasons. When that happens, it’s usually because the perpetrator wants their money or something like that. How many heterosexual couples are harassed and bludgeoned by hoodlums JUST for showing their affection in public? Men and women snog each other outdoors all the damn time, and nobody even bats an eyelash. But oh, if it’s two men or two women, then suddenly we have a problem for some reason.

THIS is why the idea of a “Straight Pride Parade” is foolish. Straights do not live in constant fear of being harassed, beaten, or murdered just for being intimate with each other in public. The entire point of LGBTQ Pride is for people to enjoy being themselves without fear of being splattered all over the sidewalk. Therefore, any attempt at equivocating between “LGBTQ Pride” and “Straight Pride” is misguided at best. When RuPaul finally takes over the world and outlaws heterosexuality upon penalty of death, then maybe we can have a conversation about needing “Straight Pride;” but until then, we heteros really have nothing to worry about.

(Besides, “Straight Pride” has nothing to do with “celebrating” or “taking pride” in anything. The real purpose here is to make LGBTQ people feel threatened and goad them into violence. Then these right-wingers will go on Fox News and cry about how “persecuted” they are for being poor, defenseless little shit disturbers, and the viewers at home will be galvanized to hate sexual and gender minorities even more. I lived in Texas for a decade; I know exactly how these motherfuckers think!)

As a final note, my wife is bisexual, my best friend in the entire universe is a lesbian, and I have a nephew who is transgender. Even my god is unapologetically queer, since Set canoodles with romantic partners of both sexes in Egyptian mythology. So several of my closest loved ones are LGBTQ of one stripe or another, and when I hear about things like what happened to Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend Chris in London, I take it personally. Those hoodlums might as well have been harassing one of my own. I pray these women will both recover from their physical and emotional wounds, that their relationship will be made stronger as a result of this trauma, and that nothing like this will never happen to them again.

And may the men who did this to them all die of anal cancer!

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