In The Desert Of Seth

By G. B. Marian

Shrine To Seth

Welcome to my virtual shrine to the Red Lord Seth-Typhon. I’ve created it for the benefit of anyone who wishes to worship Seth with a shrine of some sort, but who isn’t able to have a shrine of their own for whatever reason (whether it’s because they live with people who wouldn’t understand, they’re traveling across country, they can’t afford a shrine of their own, etc.). This way, you can simply jump to this page on any computer, tablet or smartphone and “go to shrine” wherever you might be and whenever you might want to do so.

You’ve probably noticed that this isn’t what you’d call a “traditional” Egyptian shrine (and if you haven’t, then allow me to clarify that Black Sabbath and Alien posters aren’t normally included). This is a rather simple example of how we decorate our shrines in the LV-426 Tradition (except that our physical shrines tend to be a tad bit more cluttered). Naturally, this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, so I don’t expect everyone in the world to like it. But everyone is free to visit this shrine and to share their thoughts here if they like.

Please feel free to leave any prayers or symbolic offerings (i.e., images, videos, etc.) you might wish to share in the comments box below, and may He Before Whom the Sky Shakes bestow His cyclonic blessings upon you.

One response to “Shrine To Seth

  1. G. B. Marian August 25, 2015 at 7:17 am

    I’m sorry I can’t finish my morning prayer to You out loud, Master. It looks like I might not have as much alone time during my morning walks anymore, considering that I now have someone who apparently thinks he needs to race me to the bus stop. I know that shouldn’t make me angry, and I know I could continue talking to You even with this guy on my tail; but I don’t even like talking to my human loved ones on the phone when other people are within earshot. It’s just a thing. I’ll have to wrack my brain on what to do about this.

    Anyhoo, thank You for the fact that I’m still alive and breathin’. I hope today is a good day for me and for everyone in my family. I love Ya, Big Red.

    – G


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