CNN: Dan Crenshaw and Pete Davidson’s Sincere Plea for Unity

I was delightfully surprised this morning to learn that Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live apologized to Dan Crenshaw for his crude joke at the military veteran’s expense last week. In fact, Davidson didn’t stop there; he actually invited Crenshaw to appear with him on SNL while it was being broadcast this past Saturday night (November 10). I must say, I think this was literally the best thing Davidson could have done. Watching these two men joking with each other on live television was a truly inspirational thing to see. I hope that more liberals and conservatives will both follow their example.

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CNN: McConnell Says Federal Efforts to Prevent School Shootings are Limited to Appropriating Funds

“You would think, given how much it takes to get on an American plane or given how much it takes to get into courthouses, that this might be something that we could achieve, but I don’t think we could do that from Washington, I think it’s basically a local decision,” said the Kentucky Republican, who is a staunch Second Amendment advocate.

It’s funny how conservatives seem to think that banning abortion or same-sex marriage should be federal decisions that are handed down from on high; yet when it comes to  things like guns and the safety of our children while they are at school, they fall back on the old “Local government is better” routine. Considering that Kentucky has just cut dental and vision coverage for nearly 500,000 Medicaid recipients, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Mitch McConnell apparently thinks mass murder is a more humane and effective population control method than educating kids about contraception or allowing women to terminate their unwanted pregnancies.

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