CNN: Joe Biden Fights for Old Soul of Democratic Party With 2020 Campaign Launch

If Joe Biden were really that progressive of a candidate, he would step down, remove himself from the race, and give his full endorsement to one of the female Democratic candidates (I don’t care which, Joe, just pick one for fuck’s sake). I mean, just look at what Uncle Joe says here:

“The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of the members of the Democratic Party are still basically liberal to moderate Democrats in the traditional sense.” [. . .] “Show me the really left-, left-, left-wingers who beat a Republican. So the idea that the Democratic Party has kind of stood on its head, I don’t get.”

Show me the centrist moderates who galvanize progressive voters as much as someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does, and then you might have a point. There is simply no one out there with a centrist message who is going to animate the base as much as our socialist contingency does. (Why do you think Fox News spends more time talking about AOC than Joe Biden, when AOC isn’t even a presidential candidate?) Honestly, when I look at Democrats like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, all I can see are privileged rich people who want to preserve the status quo for their own private benefit. “Fighting for the old soul” of the Democratic Party is not the answer here, because the old way of doing things never really worked in the first place. (Hence the position we are in right now.)

That being said, I will vote for Biden if it comes down to just him and Trump during the election. But I hope we can get a much more progressive candidate on the ballot instead.

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Congratulations to Representatives Omar and Tlaib

Congratulations to Ilhan Omar, Democratic Representative for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, and to Rashida Tlaib, Democratic Representative for my own state of Michigan’s 13th Congressional District, for their historic achievement of becoming the first Muslim Americans ever to be elected to Congress! I’m glad Muslim women and girls here in the States have two strong new role models they can now look up to. Here’s wishing all the best for Representatives Omar and Tlaib as they work with the rest of Congress to keep America from totally going down the crapper. (All of us here in Detroit are rooting for you, Rashida!)

CNN: Lou Dobbs Peddles Conspiracy Theory About Suspicious Packages

The banality of right-wing conspiracy theory peddling is truly limitless. I suppose many of you have heard about the explosive packages that someone has been sending to Democratic politicians across the country. Lou Dobbs of the Fox Business Network would like us all to think that this is really a “false flag” operation that is being carried out by Democrats “to make the Republicans look bad.” There are a few serious errors in Dobbs’ theory here:

  • The Republicans don’t need any help in looking bad. They have already permanently tarnished their party’s reputation by selling themselves out to Donald Trump. There is literally nothing the Democratic Party can do to make the opposition look any worse when it is already taking it up the ass from a self-proclaimed nationalist who behaves like a would-be dictator.

  • Common sense dictates that if you are receiving bombs in your mail, the person sending them really doesn’t like you. One does not normally send lethal devices to people one appreciates. While it is entirely possible that some whacko thinks he might be helping the Democrats by doing this, the chances of this actually being the case are infinitesimal. It’s much more likely that this person just wants to intimidate and kill high profile Democrats.

Yeah, I know it’s pointless. It’s not like Lou Dobbs gives a shit what I think. But for the record, I think he belongs in a padded cell with Alex Jones, who shares a similar interest in “false flag” fearmongering.

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PBS Newshour: Vermont Nominates Christine Hallquist, First Transgender Candidate for Governor

The past two years have been hard. The current White House administration has done many shocking things that no prior administration has ever done, things that have demoralized good-hearted Americans of all shapes and stripes. This is the closest we have ever come to being ruled by a totalitarian regime, and those who deny this will eventually find themselves on the wrong side of history. But for now at least, here is a shimmer of hope for everyone who has been finding it difficult to leave their house each morning since our current President took office.

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