ItDoS Podcast #25: A Would-Be Ombite Creation Myth

Happy Sunday everyone; hope everyone is enjoying a blessed weekend.

The roles that were assigned to Set in [the Heliopolitan cosmogony] were given to Him at a comparatively later point in Egyptian history, and they only reflect how He was understood by the Heliopolitans. What would a citizen of Ombos have been raised to think? What kinds of roles and relationships would Set have been given by Ombite theologians?

In this episode, I discuss why the ancient Egyptians had so many different Creation myths, and I share a Creation story of my own that is inspired by the people of Nubt, otherwise known as Ombos in Greek and Naqada in Arabic.

ItDoS Podcast #15: Assorted Prayers & Incantations

NOTE: This was originally meant to be announced on Wednesday 6/3/2020, but due to events here in the United States, I’m pushing this out there now in case it might be helpful to anyone. Praying for safety and good health and strong community bonds in these frightening, terrible times.

Not a proper sermon, but a series of assorted prayers and incantations to Set. I offer these as examples for anyone who might be wondering how they too can pray to the Red Lord. Free electronic print versions are scattered all throughout

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