A PSA For White People in Kemetic Religions

Sharing this from Twitter because it’s important.
If the words “too Afrocentric” are part of your vocabulary, you have no business walking with the holy Netjeru, who are North African deities. We must not tolerate any whitewashing of the Netjeru that we might see (I’m looking at YOU, Alex Proyas), and if we end up doing any whitewashing ourselves, we must be corrected, we must accept the corrections gracefully, and we must do everything we can never to make the same mistakes again. This goes for me as much as it does for anyone else. Ain’t nobody perfect, but the first step to doing better is wanting to BE better.
That being said, Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa is one of my favorite contemporary artists, and his images of the gods are truly breathtaking. Check out his awesome work at http://www.iconsofkmt.com!