Divine Pronouns

A question arose elsewhere about the use of pronouns for gods, and whether they should be capitalized or not. The point was made that monotheists capitalize their god’s pronouns all the time, so why shouldn’t polytheists do the same for our deities too? Well that’s an excellent point, and I think it is perfectly reasonable for a person to capitalize the pronouns for whichever deity or deities they like. I don’t care who tells you it’s “grammatically incorrect”; since I revere Set, it makes perfect sense for me to give Him the proper treatment whenever I refer to Him in writing.

That being said, it used to be my policy that I would capitalize every deity’s pronouns, even for those I don’t personally venerate. Some people prefer to do this, and I would encourage them to continue doing so if it works for them. The reason I switched to only doing this for my gods in particular is not intended to disrespect anyone else’s deities; it is simply easier for my brain to read (and proofread). I don’t remember what the hell I was writing or when, but I was discussing a bunch of gods in the same paragraph at one point, and I could not make any sense of my own writing to save the life of me. (Which “He,” “She,” or “They” am I talking about here?) It’s easier for me to proofread my own material if I limit the capitalized pronouns to just those divinities I have relationships with, since They are the ones I write about most often. (For those who don’t already know, Set’s my main Dude, but I also revere Ishtar and have very strong feelings for Taweret.)

I only mention this because I figured I should explain some of the method to my madness. Again, if anyone is bothered by the fact that I don’t still capitalize pronouns for everyone else’s gods and not just my own, no disrespect is intended. If it’s that important to you, send me your resume and I’ll consider hiring you to proofread all my stuff for me. (Please note: There’s no pay, and there are no benefits. What do you think this is, a living?) Also, I should clarify that I’m not trying to push anyone else into following any particular formatting preference. I don’t expect people who never pray to my gods to capitalize Their pronouns; hell, there are plenty other Setian writers who never do this, not even for Big Red Himself. So do whatever rests best with your heart on this issue, and may the god(s) of your choice bless you no matter what you end up doing.