Merry Hallowtide!

Here’s a holiday poem I wrote back in 2013. (The “Ones” mentioned below are references to Ishtar and Set, respectively.)


Sermon: Halloween Is Back, And It’s About Time

Anyone who’s known me for five minutes knows the Halloween franchise is my favorite movie series of all time. The 1978 original is the purest and simplest “good versus evil story” I can think of, with not one but two heroic characters you can really root for (Laurie Strode and Dr. Sam Loomis), plus a truly frightening villain (Michael Myers or “the Shape”) who is every bit as iconic as Darth Vader or the Joker. Many of Halloween‘s sequels, “requels,” and other spin-offs have built upon this original premise to produce a mythos that is much richer than most others of its ilk, and many of us fans were worried the newest film from 2018 would not live up to this heritage. After giving myself a year to re-watch David Gordon Green’s Halloween (2018) several times, I think I’m ready to pass my final verdict on this latest offering.

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Paper: Hailey Baldwin ‘Claimed’ Halloween For Christians


You’re too late, you know. The Catholic Church already redefined Samhain for Christians hundreds of years ago. That’s how it was renamed Halloween in the first place. If you really cared about it that much, maybe you’d think past all the costumes and the candy and light some candles for your fellow Christians who’ve celebrated Halloween through the centuries. Show a little respect for the true meaning of this holiday season, whether Pagan or Christian, instead of just being a poster girl for all the candy companies.

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Christian Site: Satanists And Witches Take Power Over Your Children When They Eat Cursed Halloween Candy

Yes, it’s true. Every year on Halloween night, I chant incantations over my candy before the trick or treaters arrive, asking my evil heathen god to instill His calamitous power within all that sugar, so the kiddies will grow big and strong enough to topple every church in the world that teaches them to hate themselves or each other for being women, for being gay, for being trans, or for being anything else these people hate that’s really good and true. May the “little lambs” grow teeth and BITE BACK!!!

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CNN: A petition to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October nears 100,000 signatures

NO. Fucking NO!

I am not sure how much weight a petition like this will actually have, but despite any skepticism, I strongly object to this on religious grounds. You can’t just reschedule the date for MY holiday because it’s “inconvenient.” You know what would be a much more respectable idea? Making November 1st—Samhain proper, and also the Feast of All Saints—a FEDERAL HOLIDAY just like Christmas or Labor Day. That way, people can always celebrate on October 31st and have it be generally assumed they will not be going to school or work the next day. If both religious AND secular holidays can be federal holidays, there is no reason why Halloween can’t or shouldn’t be. But no, you disrespectful people would rather tell people like me that our holiday simply isn’t important enough to be observed on its traditional date.

Mind you, I have nothing against individual communities deciding to schedule trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods on weekends, during daylight hours. I understand the need to promote children’s safety; that is something communities have been doing since before I was born, so it’s not exactly a radical or revolutionary concept. But I am not at all happy with the idea of somehow requiring calendars to put Halloween on any other date aside from October 31st. That is just plain unacceptable, and I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m overreacting. Don’t you go fuckin’ around with my Halloween.

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Sermon: Love & Death

I first met my wife in an online Pagan discussion forum during the autumn of 2008. It was only about a year later that we met in person, fell in love, and decided to spend the rest of our lives together. We lived as an unmarried couple for three years, and then we got married on November 2, 2012. We chose this date specifically because it is the third day of Samhain (or All Souls’ Day, if you’re Roman Catholic), and we figured this might increase our deceased grandparents’ chances of attending the ceremony and reception. Since the wedding, we have accumulated plenty more happy Samhain memories for our little family as well. But one of the most monumental things to have happened was the passing of my mother-in-law, who joined the ancestors just before Halloween 2015.

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