Set’s Little Photobomber

This story is from 2017, but I just saw it today and I had to share it. Has anyone else been following the story of Fiona, the precious little baby hippo they have over at the Cincinnati Zoo? Well this wee Typhonian sweetheart decided to photobomb a wedding proposal the other day, and it’s just the nicest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s something to evoke a smile for your Saturday! DUA SUTEKH, DUA TAURT!

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Sermon: Set’s Sacred Critters

As with most other Egyptian Gods, certain animals are considered sacred to Set. First and foremost is the mysterious creature that the Egyptians called the Sha.

This little fella—which is otherwise known as the “Set Animal” or “Typhonian Beast”—is one of history’s greatest cryptids. It resembles a red-haired greyhound with rabbit ears, a long curved snout, and a forked tail. Egyptologists are divided as to whether this animal actually existed and went extinct, or if it’s just a mythical creature the Egyptians created from bits and pieces of different animals (like a dragon, griffin, or phoenix). Some authors have theorized that it may be a stylized hyena, jackal, aardvark, or fox. It might actually be a fennec fox, which looks like this in real life:

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