Praise The Red Lord

Just thought I’d recirculate this. Back when things were still “normal” and I reported to an actual office for work, I would ride in by bus each day, and the closest stop to my house is through this nearby patch of woods. I enjoy the walk because I get to experience some nature before I am locked away in a cubicle for the rest of the day; plus I get to watch the sunrise, which always does my heart good, and I always recite this prayer to Set I wrote. I recorded this so others can hear how I actually sound when I recite it. My daily schedule has been severely fucked ever since we started working remotely from home in the wake of COVID-19 (one area in which I always need improvement is my work/life balance, and this has just made things worse), so I haven’t been observing this morning ritual as much as I would like since shit went down. But even if it’s mid-afternoon or the dead of night, these words of power really make my heart glow, and I hope others will enjoy them as well.

Happy Saturday everyone; may we all be empowered.