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To make my website more accessible, I’ve activated the WordPress feature in my Dreamhost account, and I will be moving everything over to the new blog. It’s slow going and I am still setting everything up, but I will be updating at this location moving forward:


In the Desert of Set Podcast Now on YouTube Too!

Good heavens. 6 straight hours. Go me! I guess when Set opens my mouth, it just won’t stop runnin’.

Here’s a nice convenient playlist with everything in order for anyone who might prefer to stream on YouTube.

And here is an alternate version of the same playlist with all episodes in order from most to least recent, for those who would prefer that instead:

ItDoS Podcast #14: The Stuff Nightmares Are Afraid Of

NOTE: Pushing this through now so we can get to Episode #15, because of world events.

Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) is a terrific allegory for the eternal conflict between Set and the Chaos Serpent, and here I explain why. With instructions for a spell for protection during sleep.

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