Thank Set

Thank You, Great Set, for seeing this world through yet another night. We praise You, O Prince who behaves as a man of the people, for straightening our spines to stand and opening our mouths to speak. May we each become You in whatever trials we must face this day!


The Wild Hunt: ADF Repudiates Isaac Bonewits

As an additional note…

I can imagine the heartbreak these people are feeling, and I empathize. I also think ADF’s decision was not made lightly and shows a great deal of integrity. I’m not a Druid, but my line of spirituality was partly influenced by Aleister Crowley; yet I fully acknowledge Crowley was an absolute ghoul, and we have never once honored him at any of our services in my circle. I see this matter as being much the same in principle. If it were somehow determined that the person who invented the wheel was a murderer, would this mean we need to ditch everything we now have in our lives with wheels? No, that would be ridiculous. It will be a long and hard healing process for ADF, but this is a remarkably huge step in the right direction, and I pray the gods will bless them and be with them as they work together to grow past this.

In The Desert Of Set

This is excellent news. I applaud ADF for actually having the ovaries to do this. For a refresher on my own issues with Isaac Bonewits, check out my sermon, “Rosemary’s Baby, The Satanic Panic, and Pagan Leadership.”

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Rosemary’s Baby, the Satanic Panic, and Pagan Leadership

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Paper: Hailey Baldwin ‘Claimed’ Halloween For Christians


You’re too late, you know. The Catholic Church already redefined Samhain for Christians hundreds of years ago. That’s how it was renamed Halloween in the first place. If you really cared about it that much, maybe you’d think past all the costumes and the candy and light some candles for your fellow Christians who’ve celebrated Halloween through the centuries. Show a little respect for the true meaning of this holiday season, whether Pagan or Christian, instead of just being a poster girl for all the candy companies.

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Sermon: The Names of Set

Set is a very complex deity with more names than anyone can count. We can’t even be 100% sure of how the name Set itself was originally pronounced. (All we know for certain is that it contains the consonants S-T; we don’t know which vowels might have been used.) The following is my attempt at explaining what some of Big Red’s names actually mean (or at the very least, what they mean to me personally). However, we must always remember the fact that in Egyptology, new discoveries are made every day, and sometimes an accepted theory will need to be updated or even discarded. For this reason, nothing I write here about Set’s names should be considered “definitive” or taken as “gospel.” This is just one Setian’s perspective on these various voces magicae, so take from it what you will.

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When the Bastards Try To Keep You Down…

Yes, that’s right. Even more powerful than Abrahadabra, Xepera Xeper Xeperu, or Ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches, these ancient mystical voces magicae will set you free and empower you to embrace yourself for the living, breathing demigod you truly are! Just repeat liberally as needed, preferably in the comfort and privacy of your own ritual chamber, and never while operating heavy machinery or navigating through heavy traffic.