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ItDoS Podcast #25: A Would-Be Ombite Creation Myth

Happy Sunday everyone; hope everyone is enjoying a blessed weekend.

The roles that were assigned to Set in [the Heliopolitan cosmogony] were given to Him at a comparatively later point in Egyptian history, and they only reflect how He was understood by the Heliopolitans. What would a citizen of Ombos have been raised to think? What kinds of roles and relationships would Set have been given by Ombite theologians?

In this episode, I discuss why the ancient Egyptians had so many different Creation myths, and I share a Creation story of my own that is inspired by the people of Nubt, otherwise known as Ombos in Greek and Naqada in Arabic.

Alexamenos Tribute

pamsalexamenosgraffito (1)

A colorized version of the Alexamenos Graffito I made as a gift for my mother-in-law shortly before she joined the ancestors in 2015. She was a deeply religious Christian, and we shared a special bond over the ways in which Set and Jesus can intersect with each other.

ItDoS Podcast #24: Aberamentho: Set, Yahweh, and Jesus Christ

So you’ve heard me talk a lot about Set and “the devil”; now it’s time to discuss Set and Yahweh, as well as Set and Jesus. Yes, it’s true; Setianism can intersect with Christianity as well as it can with so-called “devil worship.” Set does not play by Christian rules, Satanist rules, or Marvel Cinematic Universe rules, and neither do Setians.




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