Sermon: A Typhonian Soteriology

“When we perform this Great Work, we are saving our own little parts of the world. With our Holy Father, salvation becomes a team effort; our victories are His, and His victories are ours!”

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Sermon—Khepesh: The Iron of Set

In Egyptian mythology, Khepesh (“The Thigh”) is the Iron of Set. This powerful force was once a part of Set Himself, but it was removed from Him by Horus during Their war for the throne of civilization. It is sometimes described as being Set’s “bone,” “foreleg,” “semen,” or even His “testicles” (which means its removal is sometimes described as a “castration”). This Iron is what enabled Set to kill Osiris, and it was returned to Him once He was “tamed” enough to be reconciled with the rest of the gods. Set now uses Khepesh to defend Ra from the Chaos Serpent, and its physical counterparts in nature include the asterism we know today as the Big Dipper, as well as the chemical element Fe (iron).

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Sermon: The Names of Set

Set is a very complex deity with more names than anyone can count. We can’t even be 100% sure of how the name Set itself was originally pronounced. (All we know for certain is that it contains the consonants S-T; we don’t know which vowels might have been used.) The following is my attempt at explaining what some of Big Red’s names actually mean (or at the very least, what they mean to me personally). However, we must always remember the fact that in Egyptology, new discoveries are made every day, and sometimes an accepted theory will need to be updated or even discarded. For this reason, nothing I write here about Set’s names should be considered “definitive” or taken as “gospel.” This is just one Setian’s perspective on these various voces magicae, so take from it what you will.

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When the Bastards Try To Keep You Down…

Yes, that’s right. Even more powerful than Abrahadabra, Xepera Xeper Xeperu, or Ala Peanut Butter Sandwiches, these ancient mystical voces magicae will set you free and empower you to embrace yourself for the living, breathing demigod you truly are! Just repeat liberally as needed, preferably in the comfort and privacy of your own ritual chamber, and never while operating heavy machinery or navigating through heavy traffic.

Christian Site: Satanists And Witches Take Power Over Your Children When They Eat Cursed Halloween Candy

Yes, it’s true. Every year on Halloween night, I chant incantations over my candy before the trick or treaters arrive, asking my evil heathen god to instill His calamitous power within all that sugar, so the kiddies will grow big and strong enough to topple every church in the world that teaches them to hate themselves or each other for being women, for being gay, for being trans, or for being anything else these people hate that’s really good and true. May the “little lambs” grow teeth and BITE BACK!!!

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Update: Sitemap

More than a month ago, someone shared with me that they were having some trouble navigating my website; so I’ve decided to create a sitemap. Hopefully, having everything in one convenient location should help make it easier for folks to make sense of what I’m going on about. This sitemap will be updated as new sermons go up.

In the Desert of Set Sitemap

Fighting Back (Update)

This is the standard message I’ve written for sending the Setianism tract to Christian ministries that are advertised to me on Facebook:

Thank you for sending me this advertisement. Since you have sent me yours, I am sending you mine. Please note, this opportunity is for free.

And this is the procedure I have chosen to follow:

  1. Whenever a Facebook ad for a church ministry is received, immediately investigate the source. (Do they push and/or profit from public policies that are harmful to Pagans, women, LGBTQ people, and/or anyone else who shouldn’t be harmed? If not, ignore; if yes, proceed to Step 2.)
  2. Post the standard message above as a reply in the comments section of the advertisement.
  3. Immediately block the source of the ad and hide the discussion; when Facebook asks why, choose “This shouldn’t be on Facebook,” then “It goes against my beliefs.”
  4. Proceed to the next victim.

(I’m up to ten so far, and they just keep coming!)

I thought there was a way to attach files to comments in Facebook, but in lieu of such a function, just including a link to the post on my blog about the tract should suffice. Doing so causes the comment to generate a preview image of the tract, which I like better anyway since it is usually easier to draw attention with visual cues than with verbal ones.

I will say, traffic on this blog has exploded through the roof since last night. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these kinds of stats before!