WSB-TV Atlanta: 2 Deaths, Dozens of Prostitutes and Neighbors Living In Fear: When Will It End?

I can understand not wanting your children to see prostitutes turning tricks in your residential neighborhood. However, the tone of this article is seriously fucked. It sounds like people are more concerned about the women soliciting their local men than they are about the women getting murdered. Maybe I’m crazy, but that just seems totally ass-backwards to me. It’s almost like the person who wrote this piece is thanking the killer(s) for cleaning up the neighborhood. Newsflash, hot shots: murder and violence rank much higher on the totem pole of evil than selling your body for sex. And many prostitutes do not exactly enter their line of work “willingly.” It’s amazing what a long childhood of poverty, drugs, and sexual abuse can do to a person. If you want to blame someone for the violence against prostitutes that’s happening in your neighborhood, blame the men who beat and raped those women as children. Blame the men who weaponize poverty and use it to increase their own bank accounts. Blame the men who threaten to kill these women if they ever stop having sex for money.

And most of all, blame the men who kill these women and then get away with it.

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CNN: Priest Abuse Victims Detail Lifetime of Trauma and Broken Trust

It’s been 70 years since Robert says he was sexually abused by a priest. And in the decades since, his wife and family suffered every day.

“I couldn’t show any affection with my wife,” said Robert, now 83. “My children, I couldn’t hold or hug.”

This is the kind of lifelong trauma endured by hundreds of victims at the hands of Pennsylvania priests.

There isn’t a whole lot I can say about this. I think the situation speaks for itself. But my heart goes out to the victims here. As someone with a family member who has only recently come to terms with being abused while they were a teenager, I can testify that crimes like this do continue to effect people for decades afterwards.

And whenever she hears the word “God,” Carolyn said, flashbacks of abuse keep coming back.

“The word ‘God’ makes me think of him,” she said. “I just feel like my whole life has been a lie.”

Even though Carolyn’s alleged abuse happened decades after Robert’s, she said it was still incredibly difficult to speak up.

“It’s very lonely, especially when it’s your word against God’s,” she said.

BY SET, reading that just makes me want to track down this woman’s tormentor and put a major hurtin’ on him myself! I pray that each of these victims will be vindicated, and that the offending priests who are still alive will all be excommunicated and made to pay dearly for their atrocities. And if I were the Pope, I would decree that the corpses of the abusers who are already deceased should be exhumed and immolated. Yeah, I realize that’s pretty draconian, but the Church has been doing much more awful things to the living for centuries. Burning heretics, fighting the Crusades, de-culturalizing or even eradicating native peoples…and now, covering up the crimes of human predators. Bearing this in mind, digging up a bunch of dead crooked priests and lighting them on fire hardly seems inappropriate in comparison.

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