Update: Sitemap

More than a month ago, someone shared with me that they were having some trouble navigating my website; so I’ve decided to create a sitemap. Hopefully, having everything in one convenient location should help make it easier for folks to make sense of what I’m going on about. This sitemap will be updated as new sermons go up.

In the Desert of Set Sitemap


Update 6/14/2019

Went through my Sermons page and organized the sermons according to topic. (This is a much easier to do now that the new site’s been up and growing for a while.) A reader mentioned recently that they were having difficulty navigating my site, so I thought it might be good to do something similar here on the blog. The last several posts include links to my sermons, organized by subject. Hopefully this will make it a little easier to make sense out of my ramblings. Links to these posts are included in the right-hand column of the screen, and they will be updated accordingly as further sermons are published.

Set’s Charge to LV-426 Clergy

The following is a brief inspirational statement that was written back in March 2016, but which was compiled from various experiences and discussions we’ve been sharing in our coven since the early 2000s. This manages to touch upon our basic theology, cosmology, eschatology, and praxis all in one fell swoop. (Click to enlarge.)

Update: Sermons Page

This is totally unworthy of the term “news,” but I thought it might be good to update the Sermons page on my website. I figured some people might like a preview of what each sermon is about before they actually click on one to start reading. So I’ve added a sentence from each sermon beneath the corresponding sermon’s title, in an effort to make things a little easier to digest. Stay tuned, because another sermon is on its way, and just in time for the Walpurgisnacht holiday season.

G.B.’s Sermons on In the Desert of Set