Religion News Service: Hindu Monastic Order is Reclaiming Transgender People’s Status in Indian Society

This is a fascinating article about Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, an Indian reality TV star who later came to identify as transgender, and who eventually founded the first monastic order of transgender people in Hinduism.

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CNN: Trump’s Potential Rules Won’t Erase LGBTQ Americans

OK—if you didn’t think the Trump Administration was evil already, they’re making it much harder for you to deny it now. There is absolutely no reason for what Trump is doing here, aside from just hating transgender people and wanting to forcibly erase them from society altogether. You know, I happen to know a few LGBTQ people who actually voted for Trump, believe it or not…and I would just like them to know that they are complicit in what’s happening here. If Trump succeeds in rolling back all the progress we made for LGBTQ rights under President Obama, he will not have accomplished such tyranny alone.

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PBS Newshour: Vermont Nominates Christine Hallquist, First Transgender Candidate for Governor

The past two years have been hard. The current White House administration has done many shocking things that no prior administration has ever done, things that have demoralized good-hearted Americans of all shapes and stripes. This is the closest we have ever come to being ruled by a totalitarian regime, and those who deny this will eventually find themselves on the wrong side of history. But for now at least, here is a shimmer of hope for everyone who has been finding it difficult to leave their house each morning since our current President took office.

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