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To make my website more accessible, I’ve activated the WordPress feature in my Dreamhost account, and I will be moving everything over to the new blog. It’s slow going and I am still setting everything up, but I will be updating at this location moving forward:


Alexamenos Tribute

pamsalexamenosgraffito (1)

A colorized version of the Alexamenos Graffito I made as a gift for my mother-in-law shortly before she joined the ancestors in 2015. She was a deeply religious Christian, and we shared a special bond over the ways in which Set and Jesus can intersect with each other.

ItDoS Podcast #24: Aberamentho: Set, Yahweh, and Jesus Christ

So you’ve heard me talk a lot about Set and “the devil”; now it’s time to discuss Set and Yahweh, as well as Set and Jesus. Yes, it’s true; Setianism can intersect with Christianity as well as it can with so-called “devil worship.” Set does not play by Christian rules, Satanist rules, or Marvel Cinematic Universe rules, and neither do Setians.




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ItDoS Podcast #19: Set, Horus, and the Law of Thelema

Discussing Set’s relationship with Horus, the Egyptian hawk god of light and the daytime sky, and how this relationship ties in with the Pharaohs, the Egyptian way of Ma’at, and the Law of Thelema revealed in Liber AL vel Legis. Featuring some thoughts on how to reject Aleister Crowley’s racist, misogynist, and tyrannical tendencies while still embracing the genuinely good ideas he introduced that have influenced so many religious traditions today.