Sermons on Other Stuff

A Wedding Ceremony (October 2015)
“May all those whom we have loved and lost come forth and join us this night to share in our warmth, and to celebrate this sacred joining of two families into one.”

Love and Death
“Go with Jesus…Go with Jesus to his heaven. And may Set keep you safe as you go, ridding all monsters and evil things from your path.”

Set’s Little Photobomber

This story is from 2017, but I just saw it today and I had to share it. Has anyone else been following the story of Fiona, the precious little baby hippo they have over at the Cincinnati Zoo? Well this wee Typhonian sweetheart decided to photobomb a wedding proposal the other day, and it’s just the nicest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s something to evoke a smile for your Saturday! DUA SUTEKH, DUA TAURT!

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